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Beware of sneaky gimmicks to guarantee you top spots on Google, Bing or Yahoo. matt cutts videoIt is possible to pay for placement in the advertising section of a search query, but as Google's lead spam cop explains in this videolink, there are no shortcuts to lasting success. What's more, if they catch you gaming the system you risk the wrath of Google's "corrective action".

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Superior inbound marketing, social media & proven "white hat" optimization are the best ways to get noticed. They're also the most effective techniques to attract customers.

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Building Blocks of Online Success

Success on the Web requires talent, determination and financial commitment, but the first step is often ignored. To achieve success you have to define it. At Opacity One, we encourage clients to get specific. Selling widgets from a web site is not a very useful goal. Selling 950 widgets every month to pre-qualified users within a target geography while maintaining a healthy margin is better.

Real World Digital Solutions

Understanding a client's vision and wherewithal helps us engineer a path to success. It might mean investing in a better design, a more effective social media strategy or a new approach to optimization. It might mean improving the "user experience" with a faster shopping cart, a mobile app or more compelling content. It might mean identifying users by zip code, city or congressional district. mobile phonesThese are some of the building blocks of online success. How each of these techniques is applied depends on your goals and resources.

Go Mobile Now

Your path to success will likely include a strategy for mobile. Mobile is fast replacing desktop as the top place where users hangout and buy stuff. Smart phones are everywhere, but tablet use is growing at phenomenal rates. For example, the number of iPad visitors doubled for one of our clients in less than a year. Tablet users now account for more than half of all mobile visitors to their web site.

Tablet users skew slightly older than people who only have smart phones, but they're more affluent. Google recently upgraded its Adwords product to better serve this expanding mobile market. Talk to us about the challenges and opportunities of mobile.

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From strategic planning to tactical execution, Opacity One is your digital partner. Call 206-679-0327, send an email, or fill out and submit our quick contact form (left) to set up your free consultation.

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