Blunting Bricks & Mortar

Traditional brick and mortar stores enjoy one big advantage over online competitors; the personal touch. How does a website blunt that advantage?

There are six things you can do. Begin by making your online store simple. Less is more. Products should be well documented and easy to find. The checkout process should be a breeze.

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Leverage web technology to guide buying decisions. We built this Drag & Drop app to help users visualize options.

Consider using Skype™ Video Chat or a similar service to interact with customers. Respond to questions or concerns instantly. Be trustworthy; make sure all transactions are secure.

Above all, treat your customers right. They'll become your biggest boosters. Reach out with personal emails after a sale. Go old school with thank you cards. Set-up a double loop referral program -- special deals for early customers who introduce friends to your website.

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Get Noticed With Style & Content

Online sales represents only about ten percent of total retail sales, according to industry reports. Web giants like Amazon, Warby Parker and Zappos generate a big chuck of that business, but there's still plenty of opportunity for small and mid-sized companies, especially in niche markets.

Tips To The Top

  • Less Is More
  • Guide Buying Decisions
  • Skype™ Video Chat
  • Respond Instantly
  • Secure Transactions
  • Treat Customers Right

To capitalize on those opportunities you first have to get noticed. That's where we come in. When an organization or company partners with Opacity One, results can be impressive.

"Our sales increased 30% the month our new website went up," reports one client. Another saw orders skyrocket and site traffic increase by 280% after partnering with Opacity One. "Our sales went way up and our revenue nearly doubled in six months," she told us.

Camouflaged Websites

Success isn't easy. An eCommerce site will sputter if it's buried in the search queue or camouflaged with a copycat design and shotgun SEO. Winning on the Web requires investment in superior design, focused optimization and effective online advertising.

50 dollar billWhile eCommerce can be challenging, benefits far outweigh the costs. Online stores enjoy low overhead, global reach, virtual inventory and — in some cases — tax advantages.

Track User Behavior

When properly configured, these sites also yield tons of actionable performance data. Analytics software helps identify prospective customers by age, sex, interests and geography. You can even track user behavior on your website. How long does a visitor stay on your site? Can they easily find what they're looking for? What tactics trigger the highest conversion rates? How can you reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts?

Find & Follow The Money

Marketing via paid search (SEM) is still in its infancy, but according to a recent study, more people know and buy exactly what they are looking for via paid search. SEM also facilitates more effective ad buys. For example, one of our clients wanted to advertise high-end products in Chicago where a complementary news article appeared. Since only affluent people could afford her products, we leveraged IRS data to identify and target upscale communities. Instead of appearing throughout Chicagoland, her ads ran only on computers and tablets in high income zip codes such as 60004, 60010 and 60068.

From strategic planning to tactical execution, Opacity One is your digital partner. Call 206-679-0327, send an email, or fill out and submit our quick contact form (left) to set up your free consultation.

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