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Congratulations to our SEO/SEM team! It recently vaulted a Seattle Upholstery Studio from the dregs of page six on Google to the number one spot for selected search terms and geographies.

Increased Sales

The enhanced placement boosted the store's web traffic by more than 500%. Sales shot way up. And we did it all the right way; no gimmicks, "churn and burn" tricks or deceptive techniques.

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The Art Of Search Engine Marketing

When a client wants to rank number one on Google for free, we tell them the truth; we don't believe in magic.

There's no such thing as free placement on Google, Bing or Yahoo. You either pay for placement in the sponsored links section via Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or you pay for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve your position in the organic results. SEM is fast, but temporary. SEO is more enduring, but takes longer.

Tips To The Top

  • Analyze Online Landscape
  • Buy Web Traffic
  • Identify Top Keywords
  • Optimize Landing Pages
  • Create Useful Content & Links
  • Repeat & Refine

Constant Change

Both require constant attention because Google changes its search algorithm more than 500 times a year*. Most changes are no big deal, but every few months Google shakes thing up. Four recent changes, code named Hummingbird, Penguin, Panda, and Venice shuffled the deck. The Hummingbird update was the most significant algorithm change in years. It was designed to better comprehend spoken or "conversational search" requests. The others placed greater emphasis on useful content, social media, local results and spam prevention. Each of the updates had unintended consequences. Some websites dropped like a rock for no apparent reason. Others inexplicably vaulted to the top.

Complicating things further, traditional search is now in decline. Savvy users flock to specialized search providers such as Kayak and sites where social signals inform search results.

Reading the search engine tea leaves and hitting a constantly moving target has spawned a huge industry. Most agree that SEO is as much an art as it is a science.

different than the others

Different By Design

We approach SEO/SEM a little differently. We recommend a six step approach.

Before doing anything, study the competition. How are they promoting themselves on the web? Where are they most vulnerable? After analyzing the online landscape, buy web traffic via SEM to help identify top keywords and phrases. Build landing pages around those search terms. In addition to landing pages, create what Google considers useful content. Exchange, but never purchase, relevant links. Avoid link and blog networks. Here's an article claiming the traditional link building process is coming under scrutiny.

After all this, repeat and refine on a regular basis. The last step is critical because the web is constantly changing. Computer engineers tweak algorithms. New search sites and apps appear.placeholder Machuret Competitors counterpunch. User behavior changes. Check out this videonew window about the consequences of "churn and burn" optimization, and this videonew window about the evolving nature of web optimization in 2013, then call 206-679-0327, send an email, or fill out and submit our quick contact form for your free consultation.

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*If you're really bored (and a little geeky), this site tracks how it believes the Google Algorithm changes over time.

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