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Have you ever loaded a website on your mobile device only to find a blank screen or microscopic text? Just as form follows function in modern design, we believe that content follows screen size on the Web.

corina bakery Better Results With More Websites

That's why we encourage clients to support two or more websites; a fully featured site for desktops, laptops and large tablets plus at least one basic site that works well on smaller mobile devices. This is called client-side adaptive design.

Adaptive Vs Responsive

The most popular alternative to client-side adaptive is something called responsive design. A responsive design website (far right, bottom) is a digital chameleon; its pages are coded to change appearance based on screen size. Sounds great, but there are disadvantages.

In fact, each approach has its own pluses and minuses. Give us a call to explore what's best for you.

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Set The Hook With Visual Content

In its current form, the Web is fundamentally a visual medium. Search engines still rank websites largely based on written content, but if you don't instantly grab a user, they're gone. The best way to set the hook is with arresting imagery, compelling design and a razor sharp visual message.

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    Responsive Design Website

Cookie Cutter Websites

It's hard to set the hook when your website looks like all the others. Bland, template-driven sites now litter the Web. We call them cookie cutter sites. Some are free. Many piggyback content management systems such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. And with few exceptions, these copycat sites are no good.

A "Free Website" Is Not Free

They're no good because a "free website" is not really free when it costs you money in the long run. How are you going to sell stuff or get your message across with a boring website buried at the bottom of Google? What's the opportunity cost of a crappy website? Effective websites engage users.

User Experience

Engaging content is one element of something called "user experience". Is the site fast or does it take forever to download? Are the menu systems easy to navigate? Are the links up-to-date or broken? Can users find what they want fast? Are videos and slideshows responsive? Is the content fresh, well written and properly organized. All these things contribute to user experience.

It's gotten to the point where this metric is now being quantified. Download speed, link fidelity, optimization and content directly impact site rank and advertising costs. Sites with poor user experience now have trouble generating Web traffic.

Always Improving

These are some of the challenges of building and maintaining a website. We emphasize the word maintaining because in our view, a website or app is never finished; it's always being improved. Stagnant websites risk becoming irrelevant. Irrelevant websites sink in the search results and become invisible.

From strategic planning to tactical execution, Opacity One is your digital partner. Call 206-679-0327, send an email, or fill out and submit our quick contact form (left) to set up your free consultation.

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